Hello! Reminder to check RenWeb for assignments. Math homework can be found there posted for the week. Students planners are checked daily for assignments written.

Other reminders this week. Monday is All-School-Mass, Wednesday students will be completing confession, and Thursday is picture make-up day.



A reminder that students need to have their homework completed for class each day. Students will receive 10/10 for completion if homework is done, 5/10 for partially complete, and 0/10 for not bringing or completing their homework. Homework is written in the students planners each night. Math homework can also be found on RenWeb during the week.

Social Studies

The science unit has ended and the new social studies unit will begin.

Week of 9/20-9/24

Please make sure to check RenWeb. With many students out and coming back, I have been trying to update students with what is still missing from their absences. I have also put on RenWeb the homework for both math and social studies for students and parents to refer back to. Additionally, students should have their homework written in their take-home planners.


Gold math has a test this week on Thursday! We will review on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Blue math will start Chapter 2- Multiplication (Factors and Products, Properties of Multiplication, Mental Math, Patterns in Multiplication, and Estimating Products)

Social Studies

This is the last week of social studies. Projects are due this week on Wednesday!

Week of 9/13-9/17

Hello! Last week we had our family mass on Wednesday. It was great to see so many parents attending!

RenWeb is finally coming along. A lot of grades have been entered over the weekend. Please make sure that you check for missing work. With many students out for so long, there may be some assignments that do not have a grade yet. Unfortunately, I still have some students placed in the wrong class and am waiting for those to be corrected. Hopefully by the end of the week everyone’s RenWeb will be updated correctly!


Working with larger sums, Roman numerals, and problem-solving strategies. We will be working on a math review for the chapter. Expect a chapter test at the end of the week!

Social Studies

The Land and Native Peoples of North America. The students are working on creating a children’s book to share what they have learned about Native American tribes in North America.

Week of 8/30-9/3


In the case your child is placed on an at-home quarantine for contact-tracing, there is our 5th Grade procedure:

For those identified students, all books and work for today have been placed in the front office. 

For this week, all work will be sent to your child’s email. We will take pictures of any classnotes and upload to the email, in addition to other worksheets. 

All assignments will also be communicated to their email. Please make sure your kiddos are checking their email daily. As always, our edublogs will also have our general weekly information. 

Please encourage your children to email us with any questions. We are here to help and offer any clarity they may be searching for as they navigate their studies from home. 

Please continue to be patient with your students’ grades. I am waiting for my RenWeb gradebook to updated and activated. The office said it should be completed hopefully this week. Once it is ready to go, I will start entering grades. Thank you again for your patience.


Addition Properties/Subtraction Rules

Estimating Sums and Differences

Addition: Three or More Addends

Subtraction with Zeros

Larger Sums and Differences


We are still waiting for our social studies curriculum to come in, so in the meantime, we will continue with the science curriculum.

Last week Friday, the students took a quiz on the Scientific Method and tools in science.

This week, students will begin the physical science unit learning about matter, forces, motion, and energy. This week we will learn mostly about matter.

Week of 8/16/8-20


Thank you to those who came to the Back to School Night. It was nice to meet many of you and share what is happening in our classroom. Here are a few important communication pieces:

Website: https://mfadness.edublogs.org/ This will be updated weekly to share what is happening in class and things to look forward to.

Email: mfadness@sta.school Please feel free to contact me via email at any point. I will try my best to respond at the end of the day or the next morning.

Remind App: Send a text to: 81010 and Text this message: @fadne

Remind App is great for immediate communication from myself to your phone.

Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3BUH8E2HQWFB6?ref_=wl_share


Math- Place Value in Billions, Looking at Decimals, and we organized their math notebooks. Expect to see math homework this week!

Science- Introducing the scientific method and scientific investigation. Practicing the scientific method by tracking our own heartrate.

Social Studies- Still waiting on the new curriculum.


Individual pictures will be this upcoming Monday 8/23! 
All Students should be in their regular uniform.  If your class has PE on Monday they can wear their PE shoes with their regular uniform. If students will be absent, school picture retake is November 2nd.